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We reached out to local artists to write reviews of select exhibitions in Jersey City and Newark. This blog, like many others, is a volunteer effort. If you are an artist who has not yet been invited (or you are a writer interested in reviewing an exhibit for the blog), and wish to be considered, please send an email to info@drawingrooms.org Subject: Nieuw Art Blog, and include a writing sample. The editor will get back to you.

Please look at this blog to get an idea of the quality and style of writing that meets our publishing criteria.

1. Reviews include the name of the show, opening and closing dates, venue and names of all artists in the show.
2. Reviews include description, analysis, interpretation and judgement/evaluation of the exhibition, information about each artist and/or specific works and a few images of the works. Make sure to identify artist and medium. Great if the review includes information about those specific image(s).
3. There is no minimum acceptable length. Reviews will not exceed 1500 words.
4. Editor will edit the writing as needed.
5. Writer will be credited with the review.
6. There may be instances when the work will not be published at the editor's discretion.

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